International RMS Users Group Charter


The name of this organization shall be the International RMS User Group, hereinafter known as IRUG.

  1. Promote free and open comnunication and interchange of ideas among users of Emperex Corporation Revision Management System (RMS) Software Products, including related products such as Apply. Focus is limited to the RMS family of products.
  2. Act as a source for assisting to determine enhancements and upgrades to RMS software. This role will provide a unified direction to Emperex concerning requirements, definition, establishment of priorities and approval of proposed designs.
  3. Provide a means, when requested by the membership, to present to Emperex a united position on various issues.
  4. Vehicles of communication back to Emperex on issues and enhancement requests will be primarily through the annual IRUG meeting.
  1. A Member of IRUG is an organization that has acquired a license to use the current version of RMS or PrimeCode® software on one or more computer systems at said organization.
  2. There shall be no membership dues imposed without a two-thirds majority of votes cast.
  3. IRUG shall have one Advisor from Emperex. RMS product group involvement will be upon request.
  4. There shall be one vote per member organization represented in IRUG. Member organizations with multiple participants will designate an IRUG Representative. Emperex representatives will participate as nonvoting members.
  1. The following officers will be elected by the Members of IRUG: Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary, Enhancement Administrator, Shareware Administrator. No single person may serve in more than one office at the same time.
  2. The Chairperson shall:
    1. Plan the yearly IRUG meeting with the Co-Chairperson and Emperex.
    2. Preside over yearly IRUG meeting.
    3. Provide general supervision of IRUG activities.
    4. Appoint special committees as necessary at the direction of Members.
    5. Perform other duties as may be required.
  3. The Co-Chairperson shall:
    1. Plan the yearly IRUG meeting with the Chairperson and Emperex.
    2. Preside in absence of Chairperson.
    3. Perform other duties as may be required.
  4. The Secretary shall:
    1. Develop and maintain a roster of IRUG Members.
    2. Perform correspondent and reporting tasks as required.
    3. Preside in absence of Chairperson and Co-Chairperson.
    4. Tabulate votes as required.
    5. Perform other duties as may be required.
  5. The Enhancement Administrator shall:
    1. Gather and consolidate requests for enhancements and any relevant issues from IRUG Members.
    2. Lead IRUG in setting priorities for enhancement requests.
    3. Present consolidated enhancement requests to Emperex.
    4. Perform other duties as may be required.
  6. The Shareware Administrator shall:
    1. Gather RMS related Shareware submissions from individuals and member organizations.
    2. Organize new and existing Shareware submissions into a release.
    3. Make Shareware release available to IRUG Members.
    4. Perform other duties as may be required.
  7. An IRUG Board, consisting of the elected officers, the Emperex Advisor, past officers and selected volunteers, will provide ongoing advice and assistance in implementing current IRUG projects, planning future activities, providing continuity from year to year, developing and proposing new officer candidates.
  8. Participating IRUG Members shall:
    1. Represent their respective organizations and in that capacity collect and funnel back information to IRUG.
    2. Attend or designate a representative to attend one annual meeting and to bring enhancement requests and issues.
    3. Participate in the annual prioritization of enhancement requests.
    4. Participate in the annual IRUG Conference and, optionally,the fall ITUG-related Meeting.
  1. The Annual IRUG Conference shall be held in the spring of every year.
  2. At the option of the Chairperson, a second meeting may be held before, during or after the ITUG Conference.
  3. As stated in Article IV, each member shall attend the above meetings to the best of their ability.

The charter may be amended by a two-thirds majority of votes cast.

  1. Nominations for electing officers and changes to the charter shall be done at IRUG meetings. The tabulation of votes shall be three weeks following IRUG meetings and results published by the IRUG Board. Official votes may take the form of: recorded votes from IRUG meetings, electronic mail, fascimile, and mail.
  2. Voting for other matters of business shall be at IRUG meetings

IRUG Shareware

What is IRUG Shareware?

It is a collection of RMS-related tools of general interest to the RMS/PrimeCode® user community. It is written by the IRUG community for the RMS/PrimeCode® user community.

How Do I Access IRUG Shareware?

The Emperex website will be used as the primary access/delivery mechanism for IRUG shareware. There will be an IRUG Shareware page created on:

IRUG Shareware Downloads

To ease setup and maintenance, the same approach/tools/formats selected by Emperex for downloading of patches and releases will be used on this page.

All registered users (those with a Emperex assigned login and password) will have access to download shareware files. An INDEX file on the download page will list each of the shareware files available along with an abstract which briefly describes the purpose/use/requirements of each shareware item. Unregistered users will only be allowed to download the INDEX file.

You can also phone (905) 677-6666 or fax (905) 677-6671 your request for Shareware and we will send you a disk. In the future, IRUG shareware may also be offered via disk at IRUG conferences or on the Emperex documentation CDs.

How Do I Submit My Shareware?

Submissions will be solicited at each IRUG, on the Shareware page and in Emperex Dispatch. Submissions should be E-mailed to:

You can also send your submission via regular mail on disk to the Emperex Head Office. Submissions should contain both source code and documentation. (Exceptions to this may be made for certain object only utilities from Emperex). Before posting for download, all submissions will be reviewed by a Shareware committee. This committee will consist of the IRUG Shareware Administrator, a Emperex representative and one or two volunteers. If the submission is targeted at a specific part of the IRUG community (BASE24, ATLAS, etc.) volunteers will be sought who have the relevant expertise.

How is IRUG Shareware Reviewed?

The Shareware Review will include a basic review of code and documentation to ensure the submission is something of general interest and makes sense for the IRUG community.

The Shareware Administrator will then poll the committee. If a majority agree the utility is of general interest, one committee member will be selected to complete these remaining tasks:

  • Basic testing, if possible.
  • Reviewing any documentation provided.
  • Preparing an INDEX entry with the new submission's title and a single paragraph abstract which describes its purpose.

The Shareware Administrator will then:

  • Package the submission into a ZIP file per Emperex webmaster standards.
  • Turn over the ZIP file and updated INDEX document to the Emperex webmaster for loading on the IRUG Shareware page.

New submissions will be listed in Emperex Dispatch.

When warranted, a Shareware SIG will be scheduled as part of the IRUG conference. This will serve as a forum for those who submitted shareware to explain it in more detail and for a Shareware committee member to discuss any recent additions to the library.


IRUG Shareware will be provided "as is" with no support or liability for damages from IRUG, Emperex, or the original author(s). No charges will be imposed for the downloading or use of the IRUG Shareware. Shareware is not to be redistributed outside IRUG without the express consent of the original author(s).

The Enhancement Request Process

What is an Enhancement?

An enhancement is a change which has been made to the existing software to improve productivity, usability, performance and, most importantly, functionality.

How do I Submit an Enhancement Request?

There are two ways to submit an Enhancement Request:
Fax (905) 677-6671

How Does Emperex Manage Enhancement Requests?

Enhancement requests are managed by the assigned priorities and urgencies. Enhancement Priorities

There are five levels of priority used to classify an enhancement.
High Very important to business function.
Medium-High Important to business function.
Medium Operational requests.
Medium-Low Nice to have.
Low Good ideas.
None Not assigned.

Enhancement Urgencies

There are five levels of urgency used to classify an enhancement.
High Extremely urgent - next business day.
Medium-High Next interrum release.
Medium Next major release.
Medium-Low Some time in the future.
Low As time permits.
None Unassigned.

IRUG provides a collective voice for the RMS/PrimeCode® user community. Your contribution to this process will help Emperex prioritize the enhancements you wish to see. You will be involved in prioritizing the Emperex SCM product line. We will be able to distinguish which requests are from IRUG and which are from customers, with our tracking process.