RTLX Reactor Overview

RTLX Reactor is a real-time, highly integrated transaction / payments monitoring WEB Browser solution that ensures BASE24™ and BASE24-eps™ ATM/POS systems are always at their highest level of availability. RTLX also incorporates NonStop EMS alert, generic log file, JMX and XML monitoring.

RTLX Reactor Technology

RTLX Reactor is a module of the long established Sentra solution (for centralized management of messaging systems).

RTLX will maintain a centralized database of transaction data from one or more BASE24™ nodes and analyze the information in real-time. The outcome of the analysis will be service level alerts, charts depicting the behaviour of nominated metrics and management reports to help set and achieve business objectives for the BASE24™ world.

RTLX Reactor transaction analyzer is a Windows based solution for ATM / POS and EMS alert monitoring providing the visual tools to help;

  • Optimize transaction SLAs
  • Reduce ATM / POS / Switch network downtime
  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Track all transactions and associated data values
  • Record all activity for auditing and reputation

After automatically deploying lean extraction clients for specified EMS, ATM and POS transaction sources, RTLX then provides four primary browser views and a number of sub-views for monitoring that financial data and reporting on it in real-time.

RTLX delivers a single, integrated graphical Hypervisor view (accessible via a Windows Browser) into your ACI BASE24™ (and EPS) environments as well as Real-Time Dashboards, Complete Transaction Query Screens and Management Information Reporting (forget ENFORMs and green screens).

By providing real-time visibility of your entire network, you can identify and respond to customer and system level issues before they become widespread. This way, performance and outage problems are not experienced by your retailers (merchants) and domestic customers, minimizing complaints from your customers and the other organizations that depend on your live service availability.

The customizable Hypervisors, dashboards / charts delivered in RTLX Reactor for ATM and POS transaction tracking offer an immediate (and time comparative) analysis of transactions at the lowest granular level, allowing you to drill-down to uncover the root cause of issues. All TLF and PTLF data can be analyzed in a way not previously available.

Historical reporting on metrics including transactions per second, approval / denial rates, timeouts and response times provides deep insight into device usage trends. Comparisons of a current days to any past ones, enables comprehensive trend analysis.


Customized views can be set up to see current transactions broken down by retailer (merchant) and card type as well as provide key retailers (or other business partners) their own secured customized view of their current transaction flow broken down in a way they choose.

The RTLX transaction analyzer product also helps to ensure reliability and reduce the costs of ATM downtime. RTLX simplifies problem / incident management and resolution, protecting against missing critical service level agreements (and documented for auditing). This could save money and also ensure your reputation in the market is maintained.

Suspicious transactions and transaction patterns can be identified, with real-time graphical exception alerts generated when problem transactions occur and pre-defined 'rules' are triggered. All alerts can be relayed to Enterprise Managers using certified code libraries, Mobile SMS and E-mail.

RTLX Reactor is based on the proven and successful Sentra architecture which also includes XML monitoring for the ACI Real-Time Feed Interface (Online Extract Interface - EE-SE415) for monitoring EPS environments.