• Consulting/Design:
    Emperex's Client Services and Support Team can provide consulting services for reviewing your current SCM process and/or designing an SCM process to fit with your software management policies and procedures.

  • PrimeCode®  Implementation:
    Emperex's Implementation Specialists can provide assistance in implementing an SCM process using PrimeCode®. This includes submitting your software applications into the PrimeCode® repository, and overseeing cut over to new SCM processes.

  • PrimeCode®  & RMS®  Training :
    Emperex provides PrimeCode®  and RMS®  training courses at our Mississauga headquarters as well as on-site training by request. Please contact to find out more.

    Registrants for the RMS or PrimeCode training courses are expected to have a basic understanding of Source Configuration Management (SCM) concepts as well as some familiarity with the standard NonStop facilities such as TACL, FUP, the system Spooler and an editor. These courses can be relevant to programmers, build-managers or source librarians but students should be familiar with standard elements of source code. Sections of the course involve editing file references in code and adding comments.

    RMS Training Courses

    RMS Training Course Outline

    PrimeCode® Training Courses

    PrimeCode Training Course Outline

    Our Client Services Team can also provide a customized a course to suit the needs of your organization. If you are interested in attending a PrimeCode or RMS course, please speak to your account representative for further details. A minimum of three attendees is required to run a course in PrimeCode or RMS. In the case of insufficient registration, Emperex Corporation reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the course within two (2) weeks of the posted starting date.

    • Product Support:
      We provide support on all of our products. This includes telephone support, new releases and patches. Customized support arrangements are available, including after hours support on a 24 hour basis.

    • Consulting and Implementation Services:

      Emperex's Client Support & Services Division provides a variety of services to meet customer needs. Included in these are:

      • Customized Training
      • On-Site Implementation Assistance
      • Turn-key Implementations

      For more information on any of the above services, please contact your account representative.