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RMS Training Course Outline
Our Getting Started with RMS course provides an excellent introduction to RMS as well as covering advanced topics. To re-enforce the course material, there is a series of quizzes and labs.

Topics covered include:

  • Software Management Concepts

    • Source Code Management
    • Object Code Management
    • Release Management
    • Distribution Management
    • Software Auditing

  • RMS - The Application

    • The RMS Catalog
    • RMS Servers and Utilities
    • RMS Managed Files and the RMS Archive
    • Installation, Startup and Shutdown of RMS
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Security

  • First RMS Concepts

    • Catalog Entities and Relationships
    • States, Versions
    • Bug-Fixes
    • Requisites

  • Beginning to Implement

    • Adding Source and Object Components
    • Creating, freezing, promoting, distributing, installing and acquiring releases
    • Defining locations
    • Dealing with licensing

  • After Implementation

    • Access security
    • Security attributes and commands
    • Altering Components
    • Extracting Components and Compiling Externally
    • Checking Differences
    • Promotion
    • Condensing source versions

  • Advanced RMS

    • More on Release Requisites
    • Temp Locations
    • Attributes
    • Rules: Distribute, install, pre-install & fallback
    • User Change Identifiers

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