Customer Support Commitments

Support Staff Response Commitments

Our dedicated support team is committed to responding quickly to customer support requests. Emperex has a support policy which is based on differing severity classifications of support requests. These severity definitions are described in the table below.

Our support staff is available for all types of support calls between the regular business hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time. After-hours support is available, but for emergency calls only.

Our support staff uses WonderDesk, our web-based help desk system to record and track support requests. Potential software defects and product enhancement requests are recorded and tracked in TestTrack, our internal product development management tool.

Progress Updates
Current Versions and Support Schedule

Support Process

Emperex offers support on all of its current products via its Support Desk based in Toronto. Support services for all of our customers with the exception of Australia and South East Asia are provided through our Head Office (see Contact Us-Technical Support).

Emperex receives support requests from its customers and via its distributors in one of three ways: phone, e-mail, or our web-based help desk system, WonderDesk. We refer to all support requests as 'calls'. This is what happens when we get your call:

  1. We receive your call, e-mail, or WonderDesk entry.
  2. If you phone in your request or send an e-mail, we enter your call details into WonderDesk to create a record of the call.
  3. WonderDesk generates an automatic acknowledgement to let you know your request has been logged.
  4. After an initial assessment of the call, our support staff will respond to you with one of the following:

    - An answer to your question or a resolution or workaround to your problem, or
    - Confirmation that they were able to build a test case to reproduce the reported problem, or
    - An indication of the next steps they will take to further investigate the problem, or
    - A request for more information or sample files to allow them to better understand the nature of the call

  5. Upon receipt of any additional information requested, our support staff will continue to diagnose the problem, recommend a solution, inform you of a workaround or provide an answer to your support question.
  6. The call will be closed in WonderDesk when you confirm you are satisfied with our response or after several days elapse without any response from you to our follow up queries.
  7. In the event that our support staff determines the support request is a potential software defect, they will reproduce the conditions in a test case. The test case and all submitted information are passed to our Product Development Team who will investigate further. The 'call' is now designated as a 'problem' and the support staff will enter it into our software defect tracking system, TestTrack.
  8. Other calls we receive are for enhancements to our products. For these requests, our support staff will enter them into WonderDesk then confirm the requested enhancement does not already exist in the product or is not already planned to be added to the product in the future. If it does exist, you will be informed and the call will be closed. For an already planned enhancement, you will be informed of what we plan to do and if known, when it is likely to be available. If this is a new enhancement which the support staff believes will be a strong addition to the product, it will be entered into TestTrack.
  9. When this occurs, we place the WonderDesk call 'on hold'. The support staff is kept informed about the investigative work being done by the developers on the TestTrack problem or request.
  10. The development team will assess the TestTrack information. If it is found to be a software defect, development will provide an estimate of how long it will take to fix and an indication of when it is likely to be made available. The development team will work closely with support to provide you with a possible workaround.. If the TestTrack is for an enhancement, it will be reviewed during our product planning cycle
  11. We will only close a WonderDesk call corresponding to a software defect after the problem is resolved by Product Development or after a tested software remedy is available.
  12. Our support group is your main point of contact throughout the support call/problem lifecycle.

Support Request Acknowledgement

If you leave a voice message on our support line requesting assistance or submit a support request via e-mail or WonderDesk, support staff will provide an initial response to acknowledge receipt of your request and/or provide initial feedback to your request within the following response times:

Initial Response To:
Support Voice Mail Within 1 hour of our receipt of your message. Support will return your call within 1 hour of our receipt of your message.   Support voice mail is checked at least once each half hour.
Support Cell Phone Immediate response to the call or a call back as soon as we are aware a voice mail has been received. We provide this level of service after-hours for emergency calls only.
Support e-mail A maximum of 1 business day from the receipt of your e-mail. Support e-mail is checked a minimum of twice per day and you will receive a response as soon as the e-mail is read.   For urgent support issues please phone Emperex directly.
Support's Web-Help Desk - WonderDesk A maximum of 1 business day from the logging of a WonderDesk call. The WonderDesk system notifies staff via e-mail, which is checked a minimum of twice per day. Staff also monitors WonderDesk throughout Emperex's business day to respond to any newly-entered calls. WonderDesk automatically acknowledges any request it receives. You will also receive a response from our support staff as soon as the e-mail is read.
An emergency call entered in WonderDesk immediately triggers the system to send priority e-mails to support personnel as well as Emperex's management and sales teams. You will receive a response from the first person qualified to help you after reading the WonderDesk entry.

Support Request Progress Updates

Customers will receive regular progress update reports for support issues at intervals commensurate with the severity of the problem. This table outlines the definitions of the severity issue levels and shows you our follow up commitments:

Update Schedule


1- Critical

2 - System Unusable

3 - Inconvenient

WonderDesk Convention


High - Normal

Normal - Low


The support issue impedes the customer's ability to conduct business and there is no workaround available to avoid the problem.

The support issue impedes the customerís ability to conduct business, but there is a workaround available for the problem.

The support issue is a minor product failure causing incorrect, incomplete, or inconsistent results. Generally a workaround for the problem exists, but this is not necessarily so.

First Status Update

After the initial response, support will update customers with a progress report on resolving the issue.

Within 1 hour of the initial response. Within 1 business day of the initial response. Within 2 days of the initial response.

Subsequent Updates

Regular progress reports at these intervals can be expected until the issue has been resolved.

Every 4 hours until a proposed resolution has been provided and accepted by the customer.

Every 3 business days until a resolution has been determined.

Customers will be advised only if the bug-fix or enhancement schedule changes.

After we complete our initial investigation of a call, we will sometimes place the call "On Hold" in WonderDesk. This is done for one of two reasons:

  1. The support issue has been reproduced by Emperex and entered as a problem in TestTrack. It will stay on hold until the TestTrack record is closed. Problems recorded in TestTrack are closed in one of several different ways: we develop and satisfactorily test a solution for the problem; we provide a workaround to the problem and decide no further work on this problem is required; a request for an enhancement to the product is declined.

  2. The customer requires an extended period of time to provide further information to Emperex or to try a solution or workaround recommended by EmperexYou will be notified by our support technician of a change in status for any call that has been placed on hold. Our Update Schedule does not apply to calls placed on hold, regardless of the call's original severity.


Our support staff is available to respond to your requests from 0900-1800 hours, North American Eastern Time.   For emergencies only, we provide after-hours support coverage.   If you need an urgent response to a critical issue, phone the main Emperex number (+1.905.677.6666) and choose the after-hours support option.   You will be automatically connected to the mobile phone of one of our support staff.   We would like to emphasize that this service is provided to help you with emergency situations only.

Notice: D45 Operating System or higher is required. - February 2006.

The PrimeCode Core servers of version D20.12 contained features, using system calls, that are not supported on NonStop operating systems older than D45. If your operating system is older than D45 you have the option of continuing to use any earlier release of PrimeCode.
No versions older than D20.12 are still supported as far as patch eligibility is concerned.

Upgrading to the latest version of the PrimeCode Core servers is the only option for obtaining fixes to certain problems that were discovered after D20.11. For any upgrade to the current version (D20.14) the NonStop operating system must be D45 or later.

Current Product Release and Support Schedule



Eligible Releases for Patches

Date and Version for the End of Patch Eligibility



D20.18, D20.17, D20.16

With the release of D20.18, D20.15 has been dropped from the list of releases eligible for patch support.









Current releases supported and patched: D20.18 (March 2021), D2017P03, and D20.16.
D20.15 has became a 'support only' release and no further changes to this version of the software will be made.

Current releases supported and patched: PC 3.5.8 (, PC 3.5.8-A.

Current release is V2.0.3.  The prior release, V1.2.0, for use with PrimeCode V3.4.2 or earlier and RMS C40.00 -   D00.xx have become 'support only' releases.

Policy Regarding 'Support-Only' Releases

Emperex will make its best efforts to answer questions or provide suggestions concerning any of its products which exist in the 'support-only' category. For any of these older products or older product versions, Emperex will not provide any software patches. Therefore, for any product problems customers encounter while using a 'support-only' release, unless Emperex can provide a workaround to overcome the problem, the customer will be urged to immediately upgrade to the most current release as this is the version the customer needs to be running in order to apply any potential software fix from Emperex . Of course, if the reported problem has already been resolved in a later release, Emperex will advise the customer of this.
Emperex strongly encourages its customers to maintain product usage at the most recent release levels. By so doing, customers will be in a position to obtain the most effective product support Emperex can offer.